2020 ATA Fit Challenge

ATA 2020 Fit Challenge Instructions:

Get your FIT CARD from the Facebook Group to print / download each week.

I'll be offering prizes on random weeks as we move along. Let's get to it!

March 23 - 29 Notes:

Push-Ups - Do as many as you can in one minute. You may rest in the "up" position.

Abs - Try to hold your plank as long as you can!  Advanced students and adults can do multiple sets! 

Cardio - Use an "imaginary" jump rope if you don't have one -- just don't stop jumping!

Combo - Jab, Cross, Front Kick (Front hand punch, back hand punch, back leg front kick)

Stretch - Sit on the ground and extend your legs in a V position. Push your legs back as far as you can until you feel a good stretch.  Advanced & Adults should reach left, right, then center.

Form - Go as far as you can in your form, 3x per day.

Parent's Choice - Assign your student a task that can be done daily and write it on card.

Bonus #1 - Roll the Online Dice of Doom.

Social - Take a picture as you're starting out your challenge! We would love it if you also post your picture to our Facebook!

Make sure to come up with a fun caption about starting the ATA Fit Challenge!  (Please only post with parent's permission)


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